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Solution to Gloss Problems of Painted Aluminum Coil


As a composite material with multiple chemical elements, painted aluminum coil rolls are extensively applied in various industries. However, a typical problem complained by not a few users is that color coated aluminium materials they use are lacking in enough gloss, which makes them less attractive than they actually should be. Generally there are two reasons for this: process problem and chemical composition problem. Here we provide solutions.

Solution to Process Problem

1. The method to solve the matte surface problem is to reasonably set the furnace temperature of each stage of the curing furnace to avoid the furnace temperature being too high or too low.

2. Check that the fineness of the coating on the machine meets the process requirements.

3. The paint should be mixed and filtered before it is put on the machine. The diluent cannot be used too much.

4. Control the humidity between the rolls to prevent moisture from mixing into the coating.

5. Check that the diluent matches the coating so that the wet film thickness of the surface coating is not too thin.

Painted aluminum coil rolls are commonly used in cans, electronics, aluminum ceilings and other products. To make them as decorative as possible, painted aluminum coil suppliers add many chemical components in the rollers. To solve this problem, we can take some measures to restore them to their original state.

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