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Marine Grade Aluminum Sheet for Ships and Yachts


Marine aluminum sheet is an emerging market for aluminum sheet product research and development. Onboard production capacity has also become an important indicator to measure the comprehensive strength of various aluminum processing enterprises. With the improvement of domestic aluminum plate production technology, the ship plate production scale of Jinminghui Metal Material Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in Jiangsu Province, has gradually expanded, with increasingly abundant types of alloys, and product performance reaching the international leading level. At present, Jinminghui Metal Material Co., Ltd. has 5083 and 5086 , 5754 products have entered the world shipbuilding market, mainly used for ship decks, engine seats, side and bottom shells.

The Advantages of 5052/5083/5086 Aluminum Plates Used on Ships

Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of low density and high strength, which can greatly reduce the weight of the ship.
The high toughness, corrosion resistance and weldability of the 5 series marine aluminum alloys make it possible to produce a strict ship type.
The 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy has advantages in resisting the corrosion of atmospheric, vapor, water and other media in the marine climate, and is durable and economical.

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